About Arceau

Leveraging our combined experience as software engineers, quants, and operators we identify disruptive innovation across multiple sectors.

our philosophy


We make frequent use of the ‘too hard’ pile. If an idea is great but the assumptions required to make it work are too stretched we place the idea in the ‘too hard’ pile.

Valuations Matter

Great companies make great investments but price matters. We would rather watch from the sidelines than pay a price that will lead to a subpar return.

Due Diligence

Do the work and never rely on others’ opinions. Too often in our industry people rely on other peoples work. Although we like being in good company, we want to know what we buy for ourselves.


We are engineers, investors and operators, we appreciate the best insights are simple and garnered from experience.. We are permanently learning.

Louis D'Origny


Louis is an entrepreneur and operator who has extensive experience in primary and secondary private market transactions. With a strong knowledge of business building blocks, Louis knows where to look for problems.

Louis graduated top of his class studying Mathematics and Economics at the University of Edinburgh and then later at the London School of Economics. After, he began investing and started his first companies.

Michael Bottjer


Michael is a software engineer, quant and investor. Previously, Michael worked at Abrdn on their quantitative equities team managing assets in excess of $40B and later at PIMCO, where he automated trading strategies across rates, FX and credit.

Michael graduated with a First in Economics at The University of Edinburgh, and later received a distinction in Mathematics from King’s College London.

Nicolas de Croisset


Nicolas worked at Rothschild for over 15 years and launched their Alternative Research Office in New York. Nicolas was responsible for portfolio construction, manager selection and portfolio management. He is credited with some of the firm’s most successful investments in early stage managers and thematic positions.

Nicolas holds an MBA from Fordham University and a BA from Trinity College.